Blade/hori­zon Hobby In­duc­trix Pro

A quick and nim­ble FPV quad just right for house rac­ing

Electric Flight - - CONTENTS - By John Reid

The In­duc­trix FPV Pro is a quick lit­tle high­per­for­mance mi­cro FPV drone that takes the ex­cite­ment of rac­ing in­doors. This lit­tle pow­er­house is a blast to fly through the house, and its small size en­ables it to bounce off the walls with­out any dam­age to the drone or walls.


The In­duc­trix FPV Pro comes out of the box fully as­sem­bled and ready to go. Also in­cluded in the box is a USB Lipo charger for the 1S 200mah bat­tery. (One rec­om­men­da­tion I will make right up front is to get another bat­tery or two be­cause, once you start fly­ing, you will want to stay in the air for as long as you can. It is just way too fun.) While the bat­tery was charg­ing, I started pro­gram­ming the trans­mit­ter to the set­tings out­lined in the in­struc­tion man­ual so that, when the bat­tery was ready, I was set to go. One of the sig­nif­i­cant fea­tures of this drone is that it can be pro­grammed us­ing Betaflight, so you can con­fig­ure the flight con­troller to match your fly­ing style.

When the bat­tery was done charg­ing, I slid it into the slot on the bot­tom of the drone and started the bind­ing pro­ce­dure to get the drone up and run­ning. Now that it was con­nected to the trans­mit­ter, I gave it a short hop to make sure all was good to go. Ready for take­off!

The FPV cam­era trans­mits all the avail­able fre­quen­cies we can use here in the United States, and it is easy to change chan­nels. I left it on the chan­nel it was pro­grammed to and switched chan­nels on my gog­gles un­til the im­age ap­peared. I was now ready to tear up the house with this bird.


With ev­ery­thing ready to go, I took off from my of­fice and started fly­ing around the house. I started in the An­gle mode, which is self-lev­el­ing and lim­its the bank an­gle. This is the mode I rec­om­mend that you start out with re­gard­less of your fly­ing skills be­cause it gives you a good feel­ing for how the quad will re­act. From there, you can move to Air or Acro modes, both of which pro­gres­sively of­fer less self-lev­el­ing and fewer an­gle lim­i­ta­tions.

I found the In­duc­trix Pro to be re­spon­sive and quick, es­pe­cially in con­fined ar­eas such as a house. It was also easy to fly, even through the tight­est of hall­ways and un­der chairs. I was im­pressed at how well the video came through the gog­gles with very lit­tle loss of sig­nal dur­ing the flight, and even the in­ter­fer­ence was less than I ex­pected. The three­minute flight went by way too fast, and I was glad to have another bat­tery ready to go. The sec­ond flight was even more fun, and I felt re­ally com­fort­able fly­ing in and out of small spa­ces with this drone. I do rec­om­mend that you turn off any over­head fans. This drone is quite durable and was able to bounce off the walls and keep fly­ing with no dam­age to the drone or to the walls.

You can see just how small and com­pact this drone re­ally is. The bat­tery fits and is held se­curely in the slot on the bot­tom of the drone.

THE IN­DUC­TRIX FPV PRO IS A BLAST TO FLY, AND I HAVE BEEN FLY­ING IT AL­MOST EV­ERY DAY SINCE GET­TING IT. IT IS A SOLID FLIER, AND I REC­OM­MEND IT FOR ANY­ONE WHO WANTS TO TRY OUT FPV RAC­ING. This tiny cam­era has a built-in video trans­mit­ter, which does a great job of pro­vid­ing video feed to your gog­gles.

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