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A pocket-size drone that is per­fect for all those self­ies

Electric Flight - - CONTENTS - By John Reid

A pocket-size drone that is per­fect for all those self­ies

The best cam­era is one that you can eas­ily have on hand to get the shot when it hap­pens. The new Flitt cam­era drone is small and easy to carry, so you can al­ways be ready for those aerial self­ies.


In­tended for first-time pi­lots, the Flitt comes com­pletely as­sem­bled and is easy to op­er­ate and fly. Ev­ery­thing is neatly pack­aged; in­side the box is the drone, a battery, a USB charger, blade guards, ex­tra props, and a quick­start guide. With the drone folded up to its travel size (5.7 x 1.4 x 1.3 inches), it can eas­ily fit in your back pocket, back­pack, or purse. While you do have to snap off the prop guards, there is no need to take off the props off be­fore you fold it up.

The first step in pre­par­ing the Flitt is to get the battery out and start charg­ing it. Two slid­ers on the bot­tom of the drone have to be moved out­ward, then you pull out the prop arms and use your thumb and fin­ger to grab onto the battery and pull it out. The in­cluded charger can be con­nected to any USB power source; a solid light on the charger shows that it’s charg­ing, and a blink­ing light means it’s fully charged. While all that is hap­pen­ing, you can down­load the app. If you have an iphone, you will need to search for “Flitt Cam­era” (not just “Flitt”) at the App Store. That is pretty much all there is to it—the Flitt is now ready for some fly­ing and pho­tos.


Fly­ing the Flitt is about as easy as it gets. First, at­tach the pro­pel­ler guards, which are clearly marked to in­di­cate which arm each goes on. Then go to the Wi-fi set­ting on your phone and pick the Flitt net­work, in­put the pass­word, and make the con­nec­tion. Open the app to see the view from the cam­era; the first time I started the app a few screens showed how to use the app. When you’re ready for take­off, push and hold the one-tap take­off-and­land but­ton for two sec­onds to un­lock it. With a sec­ond tap on this but­ton, the Flitt takes off. Once in the air, the Flitt will hover in one spot wait­ing for your next or­der. An al­ti­tude slider bar con­trols just how high the Flitt will go, and slid­ing from left to right will ad­just the an­gle of the Flitt so that you can frame the shot. On the right of the screen is the con­trol stick (a round cir­cle) that con­trols the Flitt’s for­ward/back­ward and left/right move­ment. The Flitt stays in one spot well, so it’s easy to use to take an aerial selfie. Land­ing is just as sim­ple as take­off: Just push the take­off/land but­ton and the Flitt set­tles back down.

The drone can be flown with or with­out the prop guards, and the props stay on when you fold it up.

The cam­era can be ad­justed at an an­gle by push­ing on the cor­ner.

The battery is in­stalled at the bot­tom and can be charged us­ing any mi­cro USB con­nec­tion.

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