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Be­ing or­ga­nized at the work­bench saves time and min­i­mizes han­gar rash when you ac­ci­den­tally place a wing or other un­pro­tected part on top of some­thing sharp. Cut a piece of 1-inch-thick board to a width of 3 inches and about 6 inches long. Route four grooves into the top sur­face, and leave about a 1/4-inch space be­tween them. At­tach small rub­ber cabi­net-door pads to the bot­tom and you have a nice con­ve­nient place to hold your hobby knives, pen­cils, or other round­han­dled tools so that they won’t roll off your work­bench. A painted sur­face is op­tional. —Harold L. Quin­ley, Fen­ton, Mis­souri

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