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The A-10 Warthog is to­day’s cham­pion tank buster, and the U.S. Air Force has been us­ing this ground-attack and closeair-sup­port air­craft since the mid-1970s. The main fea­ture of the A-10 that ter­ri­fies any­one on the re­ceiv­ing end is its rapid-fire 30mm Avenger ro­tary can­non.

The UMX A-10 from E-flite is an awe­some mi­cro-scale ver­sion of the full-size Warthog, and it is part of the BNF Ba­sic se­ries. It comes out of the box com­pletely as­sem­bled and ready to fly, re­quir­ing only to be bound to your own Dsm2/dsmx-com­pat­i­ble trans­mit­ter and a 2S 800mah Lipo flight bat­tery (not in­cluded). Dual func­tional rud­ders and a steer­able nose­wheel pro­vide great ground han­dling on smooth sur­faces and im­pres­sive yaw author­ity dur­ing flight. All the con­trol sur­faces are hinged into place, and the con­trol link­ages are all con­nected, with noth­ing need­ing ad­di­tional assembly. Four 2.3g lin­ear long-throw ser­vos and a DSMX UM 6-chan­nel As3x-en­abled re­ceiver (with twin brush­less ESC) come fac­tory in­stalled.

The twin-ducted-fan power sys­tems pro­duce an abun­dance of power, and the A-10’s light wing load­ing gives it a pi­lot­friendly flight per­for­mance. The AS3X flight-sta­bi­liza­tion tech­nol­ogy built into the re­ceiver does a great job keep­ing the small Warthog well be­haved, even when there is a bit of a breeze blow­ing out­side. For out­door fly­ing from a grass field, re­move the land­ing gear and hand-launch the A-10. It has plenty of power, so an easy over­hand toss is all that’s needed.

Com­bined with my Spek­trum DX9 trans­mit­ter and a 2S 800mah Lipo flight bat­tery, the new UMX A-10 from E-flite is an amaz­ing easy-to-fly two-mo­tor jet that has great sta­bil­ity and an abun­dance of flight per­for­mance. If you have ever wanted to fly a Warthog, this mi­cro-scale A-10 is the e-jet for you. I highly rec­om­mend it for any in­ter­me­di­ate RC pi­lot.—gerry Yar­rish

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