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While many of us might not be able to own a mul­ti­mil­lion-dol­lar fighter jet, Mo­tion RC’S Freew­ing F-15C looks great and doesn’t re­quire such an in­vest­ment. Con­structed out of EPO foam and decorated to the hilt, the Freew­ing F-15 is of­fered as a “Su­per Scale” model with scores of fea­tures and min­i­mal re­quire­ments.

There are a dozen ac­tu­a­tors (in­cluded), which op­er­ate the stan­dard flight con­trols, such as roll, pitch, and yaw. Then there are flaps, an air­brake, re­tractable land­ing gear, and se­quenced land­ing-gear doors. In­stead of quickly op­er­at­ing and slam­ming up and down, the gear ac­tu­ates slowly and scale­like, which looks cool in flight. Bright LEDS are in­stalled, and in­clude a land­ing light on the front strut. The shock–ab­sorb­ing alu­minum gear struts have metal trun­nions, and they make the land­ing-gear sys­tem quite durable and short-grass sor­ties doable.

The op­tional flap take­offs are much shorter than flap­less de­par­tures, but aside from that, the re­sults are sim­i­lar in that the plane gets in the air ef­fi­ciently. Clim­bouts are solid, and that means the in­cluded 6-cell power sys­tem is well matched to the model. When it’s time for the manda­tory land­ing, it is a good idea to fly the jet all the way back to the ground while us­ing the el­e­va­tor to con­trol speed and the ailerons to keep the wings level. There are no sur­prises, and I was im­pressed with the plane as it is quite for­giv­ing in the land­ing pat­tern. Mo­tion RC got to­gether with Freew­ing, and they have pro­duced an in­clu­sive and easy-to-set-up EDF jet fighter that of­fers a myr­iad of scale fea­tures and flies ex­tremely well. It is hard to tell that the plane is made out of foam when it blows by at more than 90mph, and it even looks con­vinc­ing just sit­ting on the tar­mac.—mike Gantt

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