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Electric Flight - - PILOT REPORT -

While much of the glory from the Pa­cific The­ater in World War II went to the Hell­cat and, of course, the Cor­sair (it even got its own TV show), it was skilled Amer­i­can pilots fly­ing F4F Wild­cat fight­ers who used in­no­va­tive tac­tics and su­pe­rior air­man­ship to over­come the higher per­for­mance and sheer num­bers of the Ja­panese fight­ers of the day. The Zero was lightly built and highly ma­neu­ver­able, but Amer­i­can pilots learned to use the ad­van­tages of the Wild­cat’s su­pe­rior ar­ma­ment and sur­viv­abil­ity to hold the line in the Pa­cific un­til im­proved fighter de­signs could enter the war. While fly­ing more than 15,500 com­bat sor­ties, F4F pilots downed 1,327 en­emy air­craft against only 178 aerial com­bat losses.

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