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As men­tioned ear­lier, the UMX Va­por comes out of the box fully as­sem­bled and ready to go. All I needed was a 4+-chan­nel ra­dio and a 1S 70mah Lipo flight bat­tery. Us­ing my E-flite Celec­tra four-port charger, I got the bat­tery pow­ered up quickly and ready for fly­ing. Af­ter in­stalling the bat­tery, I plugged it in and started the bind­ing process with my Spek­trum ix12. Once bound, I checked to make sure both con­trol sur­faces moved in the cor­rect di­rec­tions and thought about mak­ing some ad­just­ments and adding some expo. I de­cided to wait, how­ever, to see just how well this bird flew with the stock set­tings.

The ul­tra-mi­cro DSMX re­ceiver/esc/servo unit is a lightweight board that is mounted on the main car­bon rod used for the body of the air­craft.

The pow­er­train con­sists of the bat­tery, mo­tor, gear train, and prop. All this works to­gether to form a pow­er­ful pow­er­plant for the Va­por. The bat­tery is held in place by hook-and-loop tape on the un­der­side of the car­bon­fiber body. You can slide it...


For such a small air­craft, the prop is rather large and pumps out a good amount of air for the con­trol sur­faces to kick around when guid­ing the plane.

The pushrod con­nec­tions to the el­e­va­tor and rud­der have full sur­face throws, which pro­vide good re­sponse from stick move­ments. Right: The en­tire rud­der moves with any stick move­ment and can be a hand­ful at top speed. For a plane of this size, it’s a...

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