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DJI’S lat­est re­lease also boasts some brand-new fea­tures. I was im­pressed by Smart­cap­ture, a new, in­ter­ac­tive way of con­trol­ling the Mavic Air us­ing your hand. You can launch and con­trol the drone with hand ges­tures, then take pho­tos or videos how­ever you like. I thought this was the most fun of all the flight modes. Start by hold­ing your palm straight out un­til the Mavic Air rec­og­nizes this ges­ture, then move your hand in the di­rec­tion you want the drone to travel and it will fly that way. With the cam­era set to Video or Photo mode, just hold your in­dex fin­gers and thumbs on each hand to cre­ate a square, like you’re fram­ing a scene, and the Mavic Air will start to take a photo or start record­ing. (To stop, just make the ges­ture again!) To send the Mavic Air back­ward or move it closer, raise both arms with your palms fac­ing the drone. If your palms are roughly 2 to 4 inches apart, the drone will be­gin fly­ing closer to you. If you in­crease the dis­tance be­tween your hands, the drone will fly back­ward and away from you. Lower one arm to­ward the ground and hold it there for three sec­onds, and the Mavic Air will land. Neat stuff! The Mavic Air also has some new pho­tog­ra­phy and video fea­tures:

HDR al­go­rithms. Mavic Air helps you ob­tain the right ex­po­sure set­tings in­tel­li­gently, ac­cord­ing to light­ing con­di­tions for all pho­tos. Over­ex­posed or dark ar­eas are pro­cessed for more nat­u­ral tran­si­tions be­tween high­lights and shad­ows. Sphere Panorama mode. Mavic Air au­to­mat­i­cally shoots and stitches 25 pho­tos to­gether to cre­ate crys­tal-clear 32-megapixel panora­mas. Slow-mo­tion video. Mavic Air shoots 1080p 120fps video to cap­ture all your epic high-speed adventures. As­ter­oid. Mavic Air cap­tures video start­ing in front of your sub­ject as the drone flies back­ward and as­cends, cre­at­ing a re­verse play­back video that starts with a spher­i­cal view from above that de­scends to­ward your sub­ject like a fall­ing as­ter­oid. Boomerang. Mavic Air flies a boomerang-like oval flight path around your sub­ject, start­ing and stop­ping the video in the same place.

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