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Multimedia artist Sarah Sze shares the eight things she can’t live without

When Sarah Sze had her first solo show at the Fondation Cartier in Paris, in 1999, she built her entire multimedia installati­on, Everything That Rises Must Converge, on-site. For “Night into Day,” her current exhibition at the same institutio­n, the process couldn’t have been more divergent. As a result of the pandemic, Sze created her two works—a planetariu­m of found and pop-culture images that unfolds in immersive layers, and a pendulum that melds filmic imagery with objects—in her studio in New York. She then used live digital feeds to erect them in Paris, an approach completely in sync with the show’s focus. “The work is about being in a state between the digital and physical,” says Sze, who is known for her boundary-collapsing, site-specific pieces. “I’ve always been interested in how you can create an experience that feels very live.” She did just that earlier in 2020 when she unveiled Shorter than the Day, her commission for the new Terminal B at LaGuardia Airport; also in New York, next year, Sze will add an outdoor sculpture to Storm King Art Center upstate. “The challenge is making work in a permanent space still play with time,” Sze says. “And how to be anti-monumental in a piece that, inevitably, has a monumental­ity to it.” sarahsze.com

1. Eileen Gray E-1027 Table

Great design marries beauty and practicali­ty. This is brilliant as both a sculpture and as something usable.

2. Jantar Mantar

When you walk into this sundial in New Delhi, your body feels physically very small. It’s an incredible structure.

3. Temple of Queen Hatshepsut

I studied this Egyptian temple as a student. It shows a union of the human hand and this gorgeous architectu­re dug out of the surroundin­g desert.

4. Ise Grand Shrine

Every 20 years, local artisans reconstruc­t these buildings in Japan. You can see different stages of growth and demise depending on when you visit.

5. Louisiana Museum

At this museum outside Copenhagen, you’re able to contemplat­e nature and art equally. And the choreograp­hy of the spaces is always surprising.

6. Lao Gan Ma Chili Crisp

We love spice in my household. You can put this on anything, and it will make it taste better.

7. Chris Ofili

This watercolor was a gift for my 50th birthday. Chris has great confidence of mark and color. There’s a real sculptural strength to the way everything is depicted.

8. Chinese Workers’ Stools

I have these all over my house because I find them useful. They’re simple, exquisite, and—despite being small—can hold the weight of the largest human.

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