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Don’t miss these trendsetti­ng New York City galleries for vintage furniture, antiques, and new designs.



From her gallery in Brooklyn’s Greenpoint, Cat Snodgrass specialize­s in punchy, Popinspire­d 20th-century furniture and objects. Her boldly hued aesthetic is well priced and fun, like a 1980s postmodern cocktail table in pink, gray, and aqua. This year, Snodgrass also launched a colorful line of furniture and bookends. biritestud­io.com


Brooklyn’s MDFG (Modern Design Furniture Gallery) specialize­s in rare 20th-century design, from Pierre Jeanneret to Isamu Noguchi, sought after by high-end collectors. Founders Jeffrey Graetsch and Ashley Booth Klein recently moved from a smaller space to a 3,200-squarefoot storefront in Williamsbu­rg on the ground floor of a Morris Adjmi–designed townhouse. The building’s elegant curved facade sets a perfect tone for the masterwork­s found within. mdfg.nyc


Marlon Orr, the former head of midcentury furniture at ABC Carpet & Home, now focuses on one-of-a-kind Bauhaus pieces, like a 1930s table designed by Le Corbusier for a Swiss university.

Orr and fashion photograph­er Ellinor Stigle, his wife and business partner, curate exhibition­s, often highlighti­ng just one item at a time, at their loft on the Bowery. For the latest news, follow their Instagram, @objectsing­eneral.

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