Elle Décor (USA)



1. Aesop Cythera Aromatique Room Spray

A few spritzes of this woodsy, geranium, and incense essence changes my mood completely. It seems to refresh my mind, not just the air I breathe.

2. Lumber Club Marfa Stools

A group of young girls in Marfa, Texas, makes these amazing stools as an after-school activity. They’re so popular, they have a waiting list—and I’m on it!

3. Santiago de Paoli Paintings

I learned about this Argentine artist’s work when I did an Art Basel project in Buenos Aires. His paintings remind me of Surrealism. I have a small one in my bedroom.

4. The Lives of Artists

Calvin Tomkins has a legendary voice. These are some of his most important profiles. I love to open one up and just start reading.

5. Judy Chicago Coasters

I have these in placemat form. I bought them at the Brooklyn Museum and use them every day.

They’re art for the table.

6. Frette Throws

Some Italian friends gave me and my husband one of these throws as a wedding present. It feels like having a piece of Italy on my lap.

7. Studio Drift Dandelight

This is such a beautiful, delicate object. I love that it’s a real dandelion connected to a battery. I keep it next to some books in my library.

8. Ergatta Home Rower

I have a foldable machine, but I wish I had this one. When you use it, you really feel the

resistance of the water.

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