Enterprise-Record (Chico)

The hot air of climate hypocrisy

- — David Walton, Chico

Wow! The great Patrick Newman has told off Mark Stemen! (Letters, January 29th.) Seriously, folks, you have not been told off until Newman does it. Just ask anyone who has ever worked for the Jesus Center.

There are few things more entertaini­ng than when one climate doomsayer tells off another, especially over hypocrisy. And the rank hypocrisy that runs rampant in Anthropoge­nic Global Warming (AGW) circles is not merely revealing, it is hilarious.

You have to love Al Gore racking up electric bills 20 times the national average to light his mansion, climate activist Leonardo DiCaprio fueling his private luxury yacht with 115,000 gallons of diesel while flying all over the globe in private jets to lecture us all on how corporate greed causes global climate change, the 1,700 odd private flights in and out of Switzerlan­d for the Davos climate conference in 2016 and the 400 private jets that carried climate conference attendees to COP27 in 2022.

Now we have this latest doomsday prophesy — climate whiplash — supposed unnatural swings in weather that, ostensibly, will increase due to AGW.

Oh, really? Remember, these are the same people who previously predicted that by now we would have an increase in tornadoes (never happened) and an increase in the strength and frequency of tropical storms (also never happened). Climate “scientists” have also predicted that AGW will cause colder winters, while others assert that the range of temperatur­e fluctuatio­ns will decrease as the climate warms.

One can only wonder, “What next?”

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