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Allie Colleen to perform at Tackle Box

- By Jennie Blevins jblevins@chicoer.com

CHICO >> It's time to rock the honky tonk with country singer and songwriter Allie Colleen.

Colleen will be performing for the first time in California at The Tackle Box tonight.

“There was never a time I didn't want to sing,” she said. “I meet a lot of people in Nashville and I wanted to validate peoples' storylines and make them pretty. I love talking to people after my shows.”

Colleen has been performing since she was 16 years old and said she has wanted to sing since she was a baby.

She released her album “Stones” in 2021 and has won multiple awards. She debuted several songs before releasing her album. Colleen released her new song “Honest Man” Feb. 10.

“We started releasing for the first time in 2019,” Colleen said. “It's a really fun process. We really worked on putting everything together.”

Colleen is embarking on a small tour, traveling from Chico to Roseville to San Diego and finally Las Vegas.

Colleen started writing music at the age of eight. She got her first gig performing when she was 16. She worked at a barbecue restaurant in Oklahoma and sang there on the weekends. After she moved to Nashville for college she played at bars there.

Colleen said she gets some of her inspiratio­n from just sitting in bars listening to people.

“It's wild,” she said. “I can write 14 songs just from listening to conversati­ons. You would never guess what people talk about in bars.”

Colleen said she is also influenced from nature. Her family participat­ed in wildlife rehabilita­tion when she was growing up in Oklahoma. She said she is most proud of her journey and pursuing music while being happy and healthy. She got a chance to perform at the Grand Ol' Opry in Nashville, which was a huge thrill.

“That was a really big honor,” she said. “We've gotten to play at venues which meant a lot to me. I enjoy the rock and roll side, traveling and meeting people and learning their stories. We are very excited about this run,” I've never been to Chico.”

Colleen's favorite song in her repertoire is called “Halos and Horns.”

“It's a fun song,” she said. “I'm a homebody and would rather stay at home listening to music, so I make my live show something you can't get at home. It's hard to come out these days and attend live shows. I'm excited to bring my songs around.”

Colleen loves the song “I'm All Right” by Jodee Messina and loves to perform it, and she also loves “When You Say Nothing At All.” She likes to end her shows with the song “Strawberry Wine.”

Colleen and her publicist Bev sell merchandis­e after the show and she loves to talk to people at that time.

“It's cool to validate someone for three minutes in a song,” she said. “I meet a lot of people and I am intentiona­l. People have a lot of wild stories. I love to sing for my drunk honeys in a crowd,” she said.

Colleen will be performing at The Tackle Box tonight at 8 p.m. Tickets can be found at https://www.alliecolle­enmusic.com/tour.

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