Enterprise-Record (Chico)

Not the outcome US wanted in Ukraine

- — George Wright, Chico

The Neo-Conservati­ve managers of United States foreign policy assumed that their long hoped for war over Ukraine would be over by now. They assumed that with massive economic sanctions; absolute isolation from the West; and a NATO trained Ukrainian military that Russia would soon cry “uncle.” Their fantasy was: 1.) the collapse of the Russian economy; 2.) the Russian populace rising up to overthrow President Vladimir Putin; and, 3.) capitulati­on by a new leadership in Russia to United States dictates.

As the world approaches the one-year mark in this stage of the war over Ukraine (That war actually started in February, 2014 in the wake of the United States-EU orchestrat­ed overthrow of the democratic­ally-elected Viktor Yanukovcyh Government.), none of what they hoped for has happened, just the opposite: 1.) Putin is still in power; 2.) the Russian economy is still in tact and prospering; 3.) Putin's has over 80 percent popular support; and, 4.) countries representi­ng 75 percent of the world's population have refused to go along with the United States' project.

Moreover, after a re-organizati­on of its military and a mobilizati­on, Moscow is on the verge of launching an offensive to win the war decisively. Biden, the Neo-conservati­ves, the Rand Corporatio­n, NATO and the EU all know this; although they are still telling their publics that “light is at the end of the tunnel.” It is going to be very interestin­g to see how the United States deals with this latest failure in its attempt at controllin­g the world.

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