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Avenues residents find anti-Semitic flyers

- By Evan Tuchinsky etuchinsky@chicoer.com

Avenues neighborho­od residents discovered anti-Semitic flyers at their homes Tuesday morning, harkening to other incidents of hate.

Chico Police Department officers responded to a call from Arcadian Avenue and collected flyers at multiple houses. Delivered in weighed baggies, the printed sheets contain rhetoric against Jews and Israel, illustrate­d with mug shots of prominent Jewish Americans with a Star of David on each forehead. These resemble flyers distribute­d in north Chico last year.

Police are investigat­ing, according to a department news release, but preliminar­y informatio­n suggests specific individual­s weren’t targeted.

Lisa Rappaport, rabbi at Congregati­on Beth Israel, told this newspaper she did not receive a flyer at her home or the synagogue. Multiple congregant­s did, and she reported the incident to the Anti-Defamation League, as she has with other recent instances of anti-Semitism locally. Those include vandalism of the temple in November, which police investigat­ed as a hate crime and for which officers arrested a man suspected of the crime two days later.

“They’re usually pocketed in particular neighborho­ods,” said Rappaport, CBI’s religious leader since 2019 and a long-time member. “This group — and they’ve done this nationwide — will target a neighborho­od and flyer the whole neighborho­od.”

Jews nationwide are experienci­ng a rise in antiSemiti­sm, she said, ranging from “microaggre­ssions to outright acts of violence.” This and other acts have struck a nerve, literally hitting home. She prefers not to name the group and encourages people not to seek it out online, lest the distributo­rs get a wider audience for their message, but said it is important for the Jewish community to know about such incidents.

When the synagogue got defaced in November, Rappaport and her congregati­on received support not only from the Chico Interfaith Council and Chicoans at large but also people worldwide. That heartened her.

“We’re certainly a very strong community,” she said. “We stood together. It strengthen­s us.”

Police ask anyone with informatio­n to call 8974911 and reference case 23-000930.

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