Enterprise-Record (Chico)

The ‘human cost’ is just too high

- — Linda Furr, Chico

Thank you, Lucy Cooke, for revealing that Washington DC doesn’t need Abrams tanks to leave depleted uranium on other countries’ soils as my friend Bill Monroe and I were discussing in our recent E-R letters. The US has other means to leave it — bullets, missiles and bombs. After inhaling US depleted uranium dust for just three weeks, many returning US soldiers became debilitate­d by a mysterious “Gulf War Syndrome,” and higher levels of birth abnormalit­y appeared among their offspring … as was happening all across Iraq…. and still is. How cruel to Iraqis left to live there.

In the interest of sunlight, I’d also like to reveal the US’s deliberate destructio­n of

Iraq’s clean water system during that 1991 war and then, deliberate­ly, through the 90’s, embargoing all materials necessary to rebuild it. That sounds like a crime against humanity to me! In 2001, the very respected “Progressiv­e” magazine published an eyeopening article about those sanctions. Simply google: Thomas Nagy, “The Secret Behind the Sanctions” and you’ll find Nagy’s report among others about this ‘crime.’ Grimly, you’ll find 500,000 deceased Iraqi children listed among the “human costs” of those sanctions.

Don’t let sickness like this happen in Ukraine … or anywhere else in the world ever again. Please call all our Representa­tives in Congress below and demand that they: Stop the Immorality of War! Seek Peace! VOTE PEACE!

President Biden at 1-202456-1111; Ca. Senators Diane Feinstein/Alex Padilla through Congressio­nal Switchboar­d : 1-202-224-3121

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