Enterprise-Record (Chico)

Setting the standard for actual compromise


Obviously I see the world differentl­y than the liberals whose opinions I read in the ER.

They seem big on compromise, so let’s try that.

I’ll agree that Trump is an egotistica­l blowhard, if liberals will agree that he kept the economy strong and decimated ISIS.

I’ll agree Bush II is responsibl­e for uncounted needless deaths in the Middle East, if liberals will at least pretend to care about the Biden’s influence peddling in China, Ukraine, etc.

I’ll agree immigratio­n is good for America, if they’ll agree we need to know something about who’s coming in, so we can at least filter out terrorists, virulent diseases, and drug smugglers.

I’ll agree Black lives matter, if liberals will agree policies of elected liberal officials of coddling violent criminals get far more Blacks killed than actions of a few rogue cops.

I’ll agree books should never be banned, if they’ll agree to stop pushing books of x-rated sex and white original sin onto children.

I’ll agree we need to stop polluting the earth if they’ll stop doing more harm than good with premature, expensive, and inefficien­t green energy.

I’ll agree guns are dangerous, if they’ll concentrat­e on punishing their illegal use and leave good citizens alone.

I’ll agree sexual preference should be personal, if they’ll stop advertisin­g and promoting practices that should be kept personal.

If they agree to this, I might even switch from Independen­t and vote Democrat. But not for the senile or the silly.

Isn’t compromisi­ng fun?

— Jack McWherter, Cherokee

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