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Why we need to ban ‘CRM’

- — David Fundakowsk­i, Chico

My list of CRM (Crazy RightWing Media) news stories drew the response: “Newsmax is great.”; but failed to elicit a correspond­ing reputable-media example. #STILLWAITI­NG. LAT posits that: “Not everyone believes those stories.” To which I ask: “If a source talks crazy, wouldn’t you doubt EVERYTHING they say?”

She claims: Newsmax running videos showing hypocritic­al lies of politician­s is proof of Newsmax’s credibilit­y. Broadcasti­ng politician­s’ contradict­ing statements to deny an allegation is a tactic popularize­d by Jon Stewart of “The Daily Show,” predominan­tly, but not exclusivel­y, against Republican­s (typically, the biggest hypocrites around) as part of his recurring segment, “Bu **** it Mountain”.

Newsmax —recently dropped by DirectTV — forces them to rely primarily on online streaming viewership. Likely bookmarked right next to convicted Sandy Hook massacre denier Alex Jones’ podcast in their browser. Sampling Newsmax, I found Right-wing Wunderkind Sebastian Gorka leading numerous guests, each more rabid and spittle-spewing than the previous, through a litany of often-repeated unproven allegation­s of crime, conspiracy or incompeten­ce among Biden and family and proclaim an array of fear-instilling prediction­s. No wonder Righties are addicted to CRM; it’s incredibly triggering. #JUSTLIKEME­TH

Calling an audible: Instead of Crazy Train II, I’ll provide a news item likely not covered on CRM.

When, as part of Barr/Durham’s “Investigat­e the Investigat­ors” investigat­ion, former AG Barr & Durham met with Italian officials looking to uncover an FBI conspiracy to frame Trump, they got none; but were pointed to evidence of Trump financial crimes committed requiring Durham’s investigat­ion to be reclassifi­ed as “Criminal”.

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