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More war won’t make the US safe


Replying to Tom Reed 2/16. Like most Democrats, you believe that violence, weapons are the way to resolve Russia’s very valid complaint about the US insisting on Ukraine joining NATO, intending to put US/NATO weaponry/bases right on Russia’s most vulnerable border.

Perhaps you believed the US government /media lies about Iraqi WMD. That Putin wants to establish a Czarist “Greater Russia” is just one more US government/media lie.

Putin did NOT want to have to use military force to protect the ethnic Russians living in Eastern Ukraine, and to make it clear that the US and NATO were not going have military bases on Russia’s border. The US would not tolerate Russia having a military base in Cuba, Canada or Mexico.

Watch the movie “Thirteen Days” about the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis.

Read Putin’s own, UNSPUN words, Munich 2007, Davos 1/21, and the 2/24/22.

The speeches should be read by all wanting a livable future and are easy to google, http:// en.kremlin.ru/events/president/transcript­s/speeches

You and Democrats are suckers, believing that more war and a bigger defense budget will make the US safe.

Such stupidity condemns US society to further deteriorat­ion, because the gargantuan and growing defense budget gets the money that should be used to improve the unhealthy, poorly educated, very violent US society. A 9/22 Pentagon study shows that 77% of young Americans would not qualify for military service due to being overweight, using drugs, education deficits or having mental and physical health problems.

That Democrats/Socialists embrace war is a tragedy. — Lucy Cooke, Butte Valley

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