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When ‘bullies’ fall short of inclusiven­ess


People supporting CUSD’s ‘Secrecy Policy’ justified it with a leaping assumption that parents would react in an abusive way; bullying, harassing, and/or intimidati­ng our children upon hearing their gender identity preference. Volunteers working for Stonewall Alliance noted children’s homes and parents are not always ‘safe.’

How ironic, as two Stonewall Alliance supporters sharing that viewpoint were the ones doing the bullying, harassing, and intimidati­ng! They sat by the podium heckling and intimidati­ng female speakers who opposed keeping secrets from parents. Both gave the middle finger to speakers and boardmembe­r Tennis and pulled nasty faces throughout for dramatic effect.

Watch the CUSD Board meeting video. The bearded man clearly visible in front would lean way over to make disgusting comments to each woman right as we turned from the podium; he only bullied females. He called us fascists and homophobic. Both untrue. He told the woman next to me, “You shouldn’t be a parent!” and to another woman, “F— you, you dumb b—!”

Is it any wonder parents are concerned with whom our children are interactin­g without our knowledge or informed consent? Or that we worry since these supporters’ behavior clearly wasn’t inclusive or respecting of diversity, and showed a lack of concern that children saw and heard them make derogatory gestures and comments to their parents? It isn’t intoleranc­e; it’s because we want our children to interact with stable, kind people; not misogynist­ic bullies. And because we have a right to protect our kids from people politicizi­ng their childhood.

— Nichole Nava, Chico

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