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I keep a small wash­cloth in a zipped plas­tic bag in my groom­ing box. I use this to ap­ply fly spray to my horse’s face and ears with­out the risk of him shy­ing at the noise or me spray­ing his eyes ac­ci­den­tally. I just spray the cloth and then wipe my horse.— Trina Parker, Eustis, Florida Send your sug­ges­tions for in­ex­pen­sive horse-care sub­sti­tutes as well as hints for sav­ing ef­fort and time to Hands On, EQUUS, 656 Quince Or­chard Road, #600, Gaithers­burg, MD 20878; Fax: 301-9909015; E-mail: EQLet­[email protected]­work. com. Senders of pub­lished items will re­ceive se­lected EQUUS mer­chan­dise.

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