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As if flies weren’t an­noy­ing enough. Not only do they bite your horse and swarm around his face, they can also make him dam­age his hooves.

Horses who stamp sun­baked ground in an ef­fort to rid their legs of flies can quickly de­velop sore feet, to the point of be­ing lame in all four limbs. In ad­di­tion to bruis­ing, stamp­ing can lead to hoof cracks and splay­ing.

If you no­tice your horse stamp­ing re­peat­edly in an ef­fort to rid his legs of flies, take some steps to pro­tect his hooves. Start with reg­u­lar ap­pli­ca­tions of fly spray---sev­eral times a day if need be---over the en­tire length of his legs. You may want to con­sider mesh leg wraps de­signed to keep flies off lower legs. Strong fans also help de­ter flies.

In ad­di­tion, scru­ti­nize your ma­nure­m­an­age­ment plan. Are flies swarm­ing be­cause your muck heap is too large and too close to where the horses are kept? If so, re­lo­ca­tion or re­duc­tion may be the only way to pro­vide long-last­ing re­lief. Also con­sider mov­ing your horse into a clean, well-ven­ti­lated stall dur­ing the day­light hours.

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