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• Ap­proach a horse at the neck or shoul­der, speak­ing calmly. Hal­ter the horse be­fore fur­ther in­ter­ac­tion.

• Use touch and voice when you’re near a horse so that he knows where you are.

• Groom from the side while stand­ing close to the horse. If he kicks, you won’t re­ceive the full power of both back hooves to your head or chest.

• Al­low am­ple space be­tween one horse and another.

• Watch and lis­ten for events that might spook your an­i­mal. Cre­ate a peace­ful en­vi­ron­ment.

• Ride within your skill level. Un­less you are trained to han­dle green or prob­lem horses, stick with ex­pe­ri­enced mounts.

• Learn from rep­utable train­ers who re­quire safe horse­man­ship.

• Mit­i­gate in­juries by rid­ing on arena foot­ing when a prob­lem might un­seat you. • Wear boots and a hel­met. • Give the horse your full at­ten­tion.

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