8. Blue Mound Sul­tan (*Ansata Ibn Hal­ima x Misty Star). 17-year-old geld­ing.

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Sub­mit­ted by breeder and owner Sue Cranston. I had the priv­i­lege in the 1970s of help­ing to in­tro­duce this horse to sad­dle, bri­dle and rider. Blind in one eye due to an en­counter as a foal with the long, sharp thorn of an Osage orange, the in­jury never af­fected this horse’s ride­abil­ity or use­ful­ness. Even for an in­ex­pe­ri­enced “colt starter” such as I was, this geld­ing proved to be a fair-minded ride who ob­jected only when my de­mands were ex­ces­sively brusque or clumsy; in short, Sul­tan was a good teacher. He be­came a re­li­able com­pan­ion on the trail and pro­vided his owner some ex­pe­ri­ence rid­ing a good-mov­ing horse in the arena as well. The Egyp­tian breed­ing of *Ansata Ibn Hal­ima in­cludes mul­ti­ple crosses to an 1897 stal­lion. Can you iden­tify this an­i­mal? Sul­tan’s dam’s “do­mes­tic” pedi­gree in­cludes three crosses to a very hand­some desert-bred stal­lion born in 1898 who stood at Crab­bet Park in Eng­land. Can you guess this stal­lion’s iden­tity?

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