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W. K. Kel­logg (of break­fast ce­real fame) founded an Ara­bian breed­ing farm in Cal­i­for­nia on prop­erty ad­ja­cent to Cal­i­for­nia Poly­tech­nic Univer­sity. He even­tu­ally do­nated it to Cal Poly, and Kel­logg re­sources con­tinue to form part of an agri­cul­ture-horse­man­ship pro­gram at the univer­sity. Sev­enty-five years ago, the Kel­logg Ara­bian farm put on free Sun­day af­ter­noon shows fea­tur­ing their stal­lions, but the “shows” were exhibition­s of train­ing that went well beyond what we usu­ally see cir­cling the rail to­day. Here Hanad shows off his tal­ent at jumping rope, an ex­er­cise re­quir­ing great strength that at the Span­ish Rid­ing School (and with­out the rope) is called “courbette.” Like­wise, a pure­bred Ara­bian stal­lion trained in the 1960s by the great Fredy Knie of the epony­mous Swiss Na­tional Cir­cus Knie is doc­u­mented mak­ing 17 suc­ces­sive courbette jumps, far and away the world’s record!

Left: The tra­di­tional Cal­i­for­nia horse was also fea­tured in the Kel­logg pro­gram. Farana, a hand­some and cor­rect stal­lion foaled in 1929, car­ried four crosses to Me­saoud.

*An­tez, bred in Poland from asil blood­lines and foaled in 1921. A golden ch­est­nut with an irides­cent coat, he was a horse of almost in­cred­i­ble ath­letic abil­ity: He could rack as well as trot, and he was a cham­pion race­horse, plac­ing well even in...

Be­low: Sharik, a Hanad grand­son foaled in 1939, was pri­mar­ily Pol­ish-bred and, like *An­tez, dis­played a red-gold coat. Here he per­forms the Span­ish Walk.

*Witez II, foaled in 1938, was im­ported to the United States in 1945 by the U.S. Army Re­mount Ser­vice for whom he stood at stud un­til 1948 at the Kel­logg-Cal Poly Ranch. When the Re­mount Ser­vice folded, the stal­lion was pur­chased by Earl E. and Frances...

This is Hanad, foaled in 1922, a per­sonal fa­vorite of the au­thor’s. Sired by *Deyr, another of the 1906 Daven­port im­por­ta­tions, he was also a grand­son of the war-mare *Wad­duda.

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