M. El Alamein (born 1943; Dhareb x An­tarah).

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Han­dled in this photo by breeder and Daven­port fancier Charles Craver, El Alamein was cen­tral to Craver’s ef­forts after World War II to re­vive “straight Daven­port” breed­ing. Car­ry­ing the blood of five of the orig­i­nal Daven­port im­por­ta­tion— *Deyr, *Ham­rah, *Mu­son, *Reshan and *Wad­duda—the horse is con­formed sim­i­larly to *Haleb. Daven­port horses are typ­i­cally broad-headed and sub­stan­tial, with good shoul­ders and hindquar­ters, broad backs, cor­rect legs, and pow­er­ful but well-shaped necks. They’re also so in­tel­li­gent they can almost talk, and so per­son­able they can almost tell a joke. Such horses— which go to “ex­tremes” only in those qual­i­ties which less-than-ex­pert rid­ers ought to want most—are cer­tainly worth pre­serv­ing and per­pet­u­at­ing.

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