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foaled in 1977 and pro­moted by Al-Marah Ara­bi­ans. No­tice that in the pro­fes­sion­ally pro­duced photo be­low at left, the an­i­mal’s lower eye­lid has been painted black. The hon­est ver­sion is at right. In an ef­fort to make the horse’s eyes ap­pear larger, the common prac­tice among those who show Ara­bian horses in Amer­ica is to shave the area around the horse’s eyes and then ap­ply oil—or even mas­cara; this is why the area above the horse’s eye ap­pears dark. An overem­pha­sis on “cute­ness” in heads is, in the au­thor’s opin­ion, a very nar­row vi­sion of beauty in a horse, and is far from the orig­i­nal Be­douin con­cept.

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