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The Pop Quiz An­swer about dor­sal stripes (Hands On, EQUUS 444) de­scribes this mark­ing as a “dark brown” stripe run­ning along the spine. The color of the dor­sal stripe is not univer­sal: it de­pends on the horse’s base color, as well as what other di­lu­tion genes may be present.

For ex­am­ple, a grulla (which re­sults from the ac­tion of the dun gene on black) has a black dor­sal stripe. A red dun (a dun gene com­bined with a ch­est­nut color) has a darker red dor­sal. Things get re­ally in­ter­est­ing when the dun di­lu­tion gene is com­bined with other di­lu­tion genes. A red dun horse who also car­ries the cream gene can have a very pale golden-col­ored dor­sal. Duns com­bined with other di­lu­tion genes also have dor­sal stripes that are darker ver­sions of their coat color. Laura Behn­ing Cov­ing­ton, Ge­or­gia

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