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We started look­ing for a horse for my hand­i­capped daugh­ter, Kay­lyn, by post­ing ads in equine groups on Face­book. A few minia­tures and ponies came up, but none of them fit the bill just right for our daugh­ter un­til Ariel came along. Ariel is a 16-year-old Paint pony that was brought into Horse Shoe Res­cue as a starved pony need­ing a for­ever home with a loving fam­ily. She was just the right size for my daugh­ters to ride and was the per­fect res­cue for us! When the cold win­ter weather fi­nally warmed up enough to let us go out and meet her, there was an in­stant bond be­tween Ariel and Kay­lyn. Our hand­i­capped daugh­ter pet and talked to her and that pony lit up!

Ariel came home with us as soon as pos­si­ble, and we be­gan work­ing on new fences for an arena and a barn for the ponies. Now, Ariel lives in the big­gest part of the barn, is gain­ing weight nicely and has found a life of lux­ury. Soon, Ariel will go on to be­come Kay­lyn’s ther­apy pony to help im­prove her bal­ance, con­trol, so­cial­iza­tion and co­or­di­na­tion. In the short amount of time that Ariel has been a part of our fam­ily, Kay­lyn has learned to fo­cus when feed­ing and lead­ing this cute, lit­tle pony. It is heart­warm­ing to see Kay­lyn talk­ing and smil­ing at Ariel each day, but it is even more re­ward­ing see­ing Ariel perk up when­ever her lit­tle girl is around.—Anna, Po­tomac, Ill.

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