To turn down the “heat”

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In “Too Hot to Trot” (Con­sul­tants, EQUUS 444), Tim Hayes was right on about all the rea­sons a horse could act hot and fizzy---but I would add one more pos­si­bil­ity to his list.

We bought a 7-year-old Mor­gan mare many years ago who had been pun­ished for be­ing “hot” and al­ways want­ing to run. We thought she was just scared, but it turned out that she was be­ing fed too much grain. Some horses are such easy keep­ers that they don’t need all that sugar. When the low-carb feeds first came out, we tried one, and what a dif­fer­ence it made. She ended up calmer and more level-headed be­cause she wasn’t hyped up out of her mind on sugar. Ann Fritz Sum­mer­field, Florida

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