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The recipe for soaked beet pulp is sim­ple, if in­ex­act: Add wa­ter and wait. Ex­actly how much wa­ter de­pends on the type of beet pulp—shred­ded or pel­lets—and how soupy you’d like to make the fin­ished prod­uct. One part beet pulp to one part wa­ter makes a good start­ing point, how­ever.

How long to wait will also vary. Hot wa­ter ex­pands beet pulp more quickly than cooler wa­ter, but plan on at least 15 min­utes for ex­pan­sion. Feed beet pulp im­me­di­ately and—in most cases— no later than 12 hours after it is soaked or fer­men­ta­tion will have be­gun. In hot, hu­mid cli­mates, the fer­men­ta­tion starts much sooner, even within two hours, and soaked beet pulp will quickly spoil. Feed beet pulp im­me­di­ately when the weather is hot and muggy.

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