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Foaled 1748, Matchem was by Cade, a son of the Godol­phin Barb. Cade was out of Rox­ana by Bald Gal­loway (an English Run­ning-Horse stal­lion or Barb x Hobby cross); he by the St. Vic­tor Barb out of Grey Whynot, she by Whynot (a Hobby) out of a royal (Hobby) mare. Rox­ana was out of a mare by the An­caster Turk, out of Cream Cheeks, she by the Leedes “Ara­bian” by the D’Arcy Yel­low Turk by the Helm­s­ley Turk, upon a mare by Spanker, trac­ing back to Place’s White Turk and Old Bald Peg. Matchem was out of a mare by Croft’s Part­ner, he by Jigg by the By­er­ley Turk. His grand­dam in the tail-fe­male line was Brown Farewell, by Make­less by the Oglethorpe “Ara­bian,” he by D’Arcy’s Yel­low Turk, upon a mare by the same and out of a “nat­u­ral,” i.e., im­ported or pure­bred, Barb mare. Brown Farewell was out of a mare by Brim­mer, by D’Arcy’s Yel­low Turk by Place’s White Turk, and out of a royal Hobby mare; upon a mare by Place’s White Turk, out of a Dodsworth mare trac­ing to a nat­u­ral Barb stal­lion.

Herod, foaled 1758, by Tar­tar by Croft’s Part­ner by Jigg by the By­er­ley Turk. Tar­tar’s dam was Me­liora by Fox by Clum­sey by Haut­boy by D’Arcy’s White Turk by the Helm­s­ley Turk. Me­liora’s dam was Milk­maid by Whar­ton’s Snail, by Whynot by the Fen­wick Barb; out of Shields’ Gal­loway by the Bald Gal­loway (an English Run­ning-Horse), and trac­ing back in tail fe­male to a royal Hobby mare. Herod was out of Cypron by Blaze by Fly­ing Childers, whose “tap­root” pedi­gree was pre­sented

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