Sophie and I have adapted to fit each other. We’ve de­vel­oped an easy lan­guage. She will al­ways be my fa­vorite horse to ride.

EQUUS - - Truetale -

that some­times you just have to swal­low your mis­giv­ings and go for it.

Most of all, Sophie showed me how to be in a re­la­tion­ship. From her, I learned the re­al­ity of com­mit­ment---along with the univer­sal truth that no mat­ter how much you love some­one, there will be times when you just want to mur­der them. But I also dis­cov­ered some­thing that gives me un­told hope for the fu­ture. For all my read­ing of dreary statis­tics, and all my un­cer­tainty, I have a strong sus­pi­cion that love can last.

Be­cause even after all this time, when I see Sophie out in the field from a dis­tance, and she looks at me, she still takes my breath away. Ev­ery time.

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