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in full in last month’s in­stall­ment. Blaze was out of the Con­fed­er­ate Filly, she by Grey Gran­tham, by the Brown­low Turk; out of a mare by Rut­land’s Black Barb, upon a mare by the Leedes “Ara­bian.” Cypron was out of Salome, by Bethell’s “Ara­bian” by an im­ported Tur­co­manAra­bian of the “diplo­matic

ECLIPSE breed­ing” dis­cussed in the last in­stall­ment. Salome was out of a mare by Gra­ham’s Cham­pion, he by Harpur’s Barb, trac­ing to Place’s White Turk and Old Bald Peg; and out of a mare by the Dar­ley “Ara­bian” upon a mare trac­ing to the Helm­s­ley Turk and royal Hobby mares.

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