Love Horses? Hate Flies! You Need Fly Preda­tors

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If flies drive you and your horses crazy, try our ex­per­tise for the real deal in fly re­lief. For over 39 years we’ve helped hun­dreds of thou­sands of horse own­ers con­trol flies the safe and easy way.

An Ounce of Preven­tion That’s Worth Pounds of Cure

Fly Preda­tors stop flies be­fore they emerge and re­pro­duce, so you’re not con­tin­u­ing to bat­tle each sub­se­quent and very pro­lific gen­er­a­tion. They’re the easy-to-use nat­u­ral al­ter­na­tive to spray­ing gal­lons of pes­ti­cides, only to have the flies keep com­ing back.

And flies will keep com­ing back be­cause sprays, traps and bait only af­fect 5,000 Fly Preda­tors the adult fly stage, ig­nor­ing the other Just Sprin­kle Out 85% yet to emerge. By com­par­i­son Fly Preda­tors stop those fu­ture flies – re­ally fix­ing your fly prob­lem. There’s no down side as the Fly Preda­tors do not bother peo­ple or an­i­mals.

Why Wait Another Year To Try Them?

You know flies will be back. Rather than wait for the in­evitable, this year make a change and see how much more en­joy­able a “hardly-a-fly” sum­mer can be.

Once some­one tries Fly Preda­tors for at least three ship­ments, most use them for as long as they have their an­i­mals. More than a few are now in their third decade of us­ing Fly Preda­tors, like Julie Good­night, Dr. Robert M. Miller and Pat Parelli. See thou­sands of cus­tomer com­ments, in­clud­ing those near you, on our web­site.

Bye Bye Odor Fixes Stinky Barns

If you ever won­der why there are more flies in your barn than else­where, it’s likely due to BO, barn odor. Bye Bye Odor elim­i­nates barn odor and harm­ful am­mo­nia. Let the flies find some­one else’s stinky barn.

Our Fly­ing SL Ranch Ra­dio fea­tures 24/7 cow­boy mu­sic, as well as po­etry, horse tips, in­ter­views with famed equine ex­perts, live con­certs, west­ern swing, cow­boy church, wildly amus­ing Wild West anec­dotes and much more. Stream­ing from our web­site to PCs, Macs, iPhones and iPads.

The Lit­tle Bugs That Do A BIG Job

En­joy the Fewest Flies

Ever...Call the Ex­perts

Sched­ule your op­ti­mum pay-asyou-go ship­ments now! For best re­sults, start be­fore you have lots of flies, but any­time is bet­ter than never. Make sure you get “Real” Fly Preda­tors. Oth­ers, sell­ing “cheaper” bugs, ship a dif­fer­ent species – that pub­lished sci­en­tific stud­ies in­di­cate are in­ef­fec­tive for large an­i­mals.

“My vet stopped by last week and she re­marked it was pos­si­ble to have a con­ver­sa­tion in my barn due to the ab­sence of flies since we use Fly Preda­tors. In other barns she had been to that day flies were pretty bad.” —Kathy L., Cream Ridge, NJ

Free Iconic Cal­en­dars

This year we have TWO fab­u­lous Free Cal­en­dars. Dr. Miller’s RMM car­toons, or Ken­neth Wy­att’s Cow­boy Art. Add to your Fly Preda­tor or­der, but no pur­chase re­quired for these.

Bye Bye Odor is also great for win­ter blan­kets, trail­ers, dog ken­nels, RV toi­lets, stinky shoes, kitty lit­ter boxes and much more.

Toe Tap­pin’ Cow­boy Mu­sic!

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