Fly Preda­tors vs Fly Elim­i­na­tors

The Dif­fer­ence Is Huge

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Real Fly Preda­tors Only Come From Spald­ing

If you thought there was no dif­fer­ence be­tween our lit­tle fly bugs and Ar­bico’s Fly Elim­i­na­tors, think again. Here are just a few dif­fer­ences.

A Mul­ti­ple Species Mix. Not Just 90% Na­so­nia

Fly Preda­tors are a mix of up to three species. None of which is Na­so­nia, which his­tor­i­cally has made up 90% of Fly Elim­i­na­tors. Our three species have com­pli­men­tary char­ac­ter­is­tics. Some travel far­ther, some dig deeper, some are far big­ger. Even though Na­so­nia costs less to pro­duce, Ar­bico is the only US in­sec­tory pro­duc­ing it for large an­i­mal fly con­trol.

Sci­en­tific Tests Show Na­so­nia Is In­ef­fec­tive For Large An­i­mal Fly Con­trol

When re­view­ing all pub­lished sci­en­tific stud­ies us­ing fly par­a­sites for fly con­trol we could find (to­tal of 42 so far), only one listed Na­so­nia as ef­fec­tive for fly con­trol (with chick­ens), while eight determined Na­so­nia was in­ef­fec­tive for large an­i­mals. By com­par­i­son for the species in­cluded in Fly Preda­tors, good ef­fi­cacy for all kinds of an­i­mals was shown in 25 of 27 stud­ies for species in the genus Spalan­gia and 18 of 23 stud­ies for species in the genus Mus­cid­i­fu­rax.

Fly Elim­i­na­tors Are Cheaper. Not Re­ally!

Our ads em­pha­sise good fly con­trol and how to achieve it. Ar­bico’s ads em­pha­size “Low Price”. Ar­bico’s sin­gle ship­ments do cost a lit­tle less, how­ever, your real cost is determined by how many of them are needed over a sea­son. Ar­bico’s “rec­om­mended” pro­grams al­most al­ways have more ship­ments than we find are needed for Fly Preda­tors. Di­rectly com­par­ing sched­ules for hun­dreds of zip codes, Fly Elim­i­na­tors were 18%-29% MORE ex­pen­sive on av­er­age than Fly Preda­tors for a sea­son. Cheaper ship­ments are no bar­gain if your to­tal cost is more.

Tried Fly Elim­i­na­tors But They Didn’t Work?

If you tried Fly Elim­i­na­tors and weren’t sat­is­fied, don’t give up on bi­o­log­i­cal con­trol. It is the best way to con­trol flies. This year use real Fly Preda­tors and see what a big dif­fer­ence our lit­tle bugs make!

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