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we got seven dogs adopted in there.”

Deb­bie Smith, owner of Run­ning Fox Eques­trian Prod­ucts, a tack shop in Caledon, On­tario, helps out by fos­ter­ing dogs at the Win­ter Eques­trian Fes­ti­val in Welling­ton each year, and she takes adopt­able dogs back to Canada to place them in homes.

Danny & Ron’s Res­cue also re­ceives sig­nif­i­cant fi­nan­cial sup­port from prom­i­nent mem­bers of the horse show com­mu­nity, in­clud­ing sev­eral who sup­port en­dow­ments. John and Stephanie In­gram, for ex­am­ple, spon­sor the Josh Labrador Fund, in mem­ory of Josh, a Labrador Re­triever once owned by Stephanie. And Bet­see Parker, PhD, donates prize money won by her ponies and horses.

“There’s no way Danny and I could do it---sav­ing the amount of an­i­mals that we do---if it were not for the true heart­felt an­i­mal lovers in our horse com­mu­nity,” says Danta. “It’s very spe­cial. We’re very lucky we sur­vive strictly on dona­tions.” They do not charge adop­tion fees for the dogs they place.

Danny & Ron’s Res­cue also aids dogs owned by oth­ers. Trainer Missy Clark cre­ated the Dan­de­lion Med­i­cal Fund, which is used to pro­vide fi­nan­cial sup­port for dogs out­side of the res­cue ---to fi­nance surg­eries and ad­vanced ve­teri­nary care for dogs whose own­ers couldn’t af­ford it and might oth­er­wise have to give up their pets. Robertshaw and Danta also sub­si­dize spay­ing and neu­ter­ing when own­ers can’t af­ford the pro­ce­dures, and they pro­vide funds to help el­derly peo­ple feed and get ve­teri­nary care for their dogs when they wouldn’t oth­er­wise be able to af­ford to keep them. “I re­ally en­joy that end of it,” Danta says. “The peo­ple that re­ally love their an­i­mals---I love al­low­ing them to keep them.”

Dogs ready for new homes are listed on Danny & Ron’s Res­cue Face­book page. Po­ten­tial adopters can see pho­tos and read de­scrip­tions about each dog’s per­son­al­ity, pref­er­ences and his­tory. Robertshaw and Danta very care­fully

con­sider what’s bestest for each dog, and they y won’t let them go to just any­one.

“It doesn’t have to be a horseper­son, but we have to know some­body some­how that has verificati­on of what kind of dog owner r this would be,” saysys Danta. “We want thehe type of per­son that’s at’s go­ing to fol­low up with theirheir shots and what­ever they need and keep them safe for the rest of their lives.”

If no one in Robertshaw and Danta’s ex­tended com­mu­nity can vouch for a po­ten­tial adopter, they’ll call that per­son’s vet­eri­nar­ian to find out how they treated their last an­i­mal. Robertshaw says they also care­fully con­sider each in­di­vid­ual dog’s per­son­al­ity, habits and back­ground to de­cide what kind of sit­u­a­tion it would be best suited for. While one may be the el­derly woman’s per­fect lap­dog, an­other might thrive in a busy house with kid­ski and a jog­ging part­ner.p

“Th­ese“The dogs are res­cues,rescu so a lot of ti­mesti they’ve been­bee through ala lot be­fore the they come to u us,” says Robertshaw.Rob “We pretty much know which ones will be suited for what. Some­Som work in­stantly and someso take a while to ad­just fully to the home they’ve gone to.”

Be­cause Robertshaw and Danta have promised each dog that he will never be in a shel­ter again, their adop­tion con­tracts are strict. An ad­den­dum states that if the owner can no longer keep the dog, at any point in his life, for any rea­son, Robertshaw and Danta will be no­ti­fied and the dog will be re­turned to them. Per the con­tract, if the dog is taken to an an­i­mal shel­ter or given away to any­one else with­out the ap­proval of Danny & Ron’s Res­cue, a $5,000 fine is in­curred. Danta hap­pily re­ports that only one con­tract has ever been bro­ken.

If Robertshaw and Danta ever need a re­minder of the im­pact they have on dogs’ lives, all they need to do is go to a horse show. “Danny & Ron” dogs are ev­ery­where. “No mat­ter where I go, judg­ing or any­thing, peo­ple are al­ways bring­ing their dogs up to me that came from us,” says Robertshaw. “I judged the Royal Win­ter Fair the other year, and I must have seen 15 dogs there that came from us.”

The dogs don’t for­get the kind­ness and care that was given to them, ei­ther. On more than one oc­ca­sion, Robertshaw says, an ex­cited dog has run up to Danta and him at a horse show be­cause it rec­og­nized their voices from afar. It seems they are quick to re­mem­ber the kind­ness that had a last­ing im­pact on their lives.

Danny & Ron’s Res­cue is a 501(c) (3) non­profit no-kill or­ga­ni­za­tion that re­lies on tax-ex­empt dona­tions to res­cue, re­ha­bil­i­tate and re­home dogs in need. Dona­tions are used to pro­vide all food, ve­teri­nary care and sup­plies the dogs need. For more...

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