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1. Di­lute the sham­poo. It’s tempt­ing to squirt sham­poo di­rectly onto a muddy horse or your wash mitt, but undi­luted soap can be dif­fi­cult to rinse, and

residue left be­hind can dry and ir­ri­tate the skin. In­stead, di­lute sham­poo in a bucket of wa­ter be­fore ap­pli­ca­tion.

2. Use a mesh shower “scrub­bie” in­stead of a sponge. Not only will a scrub­bie re­move stains bet­ter, but it dries out quickly, mak­ing it less hos­pitable for mold and other bac­te­ria.

3. Pay at­ten­tion to ar­eas you can’t see. Parts of your horse that aren’t easy to wash prob­a­bly need it the most. Squat and con­tort your­self as nec­es­sary to safely scrub your horse’s mid­line, a fa­vorite feast­ing place for small in­sects. Also clean un­der his jaw­bone and scrub the roots of his mane and tail, check­ing for ticks as you work.

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