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“How Horses Help Us Heal” (EQUUS 454) was a breath of fresh air. Tim Hayes re­ally gets why and how horses en­rich our lives. They have been wait­ing pa­tiently for cen­turies for peo­ple to un­der­stand them and ac­cept what they have to of­fer us: com­pan­ion­ship, pro­tec­tion and val­i­da­tion.

Horses are amaz­ing an­i­mals. Like ev­ery par­ent should, they for­give and pro­vide un­con­di­tional love---if you give them the chance, and if you un­der­stand their lan­guage or in­tent. Like chil­dren, horses are born in­no­cent and want­ing to please. It’s how we treat them that de­ter­mines how they grow up and re­act to us.

How do I know this? I have such a horse---one who was treated with re­spect and love from day one. I am her sec­ond owner, and I was cho­sen as fit to con­tinue car­ing for this won­der­fully amaz­ing mare. I don’t ex­pect more than she can give, nor do I have an agenda that she must ful­fill. We have been friends for eight years now just for the sake of it, and we sim­ply en­joy each oth­ers’ com­pany while out trail rid­ing. The wis­dom she im­parts ful­fills me like noth­ing else.

In the same is­sue, one writer (“Friends for Life,” Letters) com­ments on the True Tale “Paid in Full” (EQUUS 448), about how re­main­ing loyal to our ag­ing ath­letes, and of­fer­ing them homes for life, is more im­por­tant than re­plac­ing them for the sake of win­ning rib­bons. I also have a 30-year-old horse who bore a life­time of bur­dens be­fore com­ing to me and my daugh­ter at the ripe old age of 20. He helped my daugh­ter dis­cover the won­ders of rid­ing and al­ways took proper care of her. He then taught me to ride, all with­out in­ci­dent. Has he earned his re­tire­ment with us? You bet he has! He’s now liv­ing his old age the way all horses should, but sadly many don’t.

Horses teach us about life---it’s not what’s in it for you, but what you have to give that yields the great­est re­wards. Both my mare and geld­ing have taught me about life: Love un­con­di­tion­ally, give the best of your­self and see the beauty in what you have and re­ceive. Dorine Remil­lard Auburn, New Hamp­shire

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