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Thank you for “When Horse Theft Is Not a ‘Crime’” (EQUUS 455). I had a horse stolen who was a triple great-grand­daugh­ter of *Witez II, the horse Gen­eral Pat­ton res­cued dur­ing World War II and brought back to the United States to sire the Pol­ish Ara­bian breed here.

With the help of po­lice and brand in­spec­tors, we tracked my stolen mare all the way across Washington State. Fi­nally, we found her in the far cor­ner of the state. I had been warned that in the state of Washington pos­ses­sion is nine-tenths of the law, so the only way to get a horse back is to go to court, even if it is stolen.

The sher­iff, who was also the brand in­spec­tor, could not take us onto the prop­erty where the horse was. He said it would be tres­pass­ing. But he knew the

peo­ple and said he would talk to them, and if he flashed his lights we could come down. We waited what seemed like for­ever, un­til fi­nally he flashed his lights; when we drove up, he told us to go get the horse and put her in the trailer be­fore they changed their minds. We did and brought her home.

I wrote a book about this horse and the many other life-and-death mir­a­cles she has been through, called Star’s Mir­a­cles and More. Rose­mary Gustafson Fern­dale, Washington

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