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My chick­ens have not to­tally elim­i­nated the ticks on my farm, but they have done an out­stand­ing job of con­trol­ling them (“The Trou­ble With Ticks,” EQUUS 456). I used to have to pick two to three dozen ticks off of my­self af­ter just walk­ing to the mail­box and back. Now I may find as many as three, but usu­ally none.

The chick­ens eat not only ticks but also mag­gots, grasshop­pers, crick­ets, grubs and just about any other in­sect they can catch as well as any feed the horses drop. The chick­ens also lay lots of eggs, and the dogs get to eat some, which low­ers the cost of feed­ing them. The dogs also help pro­tect the chick­ens from preda­tors. Mine were raised from baby chicks, and the dogs watched me care for them and have al­ways been pro­tec­tive of them. They are re­ally nice to have around. Elaine Kelly Ken­bridge,Vir­ginia

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