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Scott him­self led Snip­pets on the trek to­ward the Pole, al­though his care was even­tu­ally turned over to Oates. Scott was not an ex­pe­ri­enced horse­man, but he did ap­pre­ci­ate the char­ac­ter of his charges, as he wrote on Novem­ber 29: “Snip­pets and Nobby now walk by them­selves, fol­low­ing in the tracks well. Both have a con­tin­u­ally cun­ning eye on their driver, ready to stop the mo­ment he pauses. They eat snow ev­ery few min­utes. It’s a re­lief not hav­ing to lead an an­i­mal; such tri­fles an­noy one on th­ese marches, the an­i­mal’s va­garies, his ev­er­last­ing at­tempts to eat his head rope... Yet all th­ese an­i­mals are very full of char­ac­ter. Some day I must write of them and their in­di­vid­u­al­i­ties.”

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