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Q:Just over a year ago, we pur­chased an al­most-6-year-old geld­ing. When I de­wormed him with an iver­mectin/praz­i­quan­tel paste, I found a large quan­tity of as­carids in his ma­nure over the next three to five days. Ev­ery­thing I read on­line says that as­carids af­fect only young horses, who de­velop a nat­u­ral re­sis­tance once they reach about 2 years of age. This horse clearly has not de­vel­oped any such re­sis­tance, and I am curious if this is hap­pen­ing more and more.

I de­worm my horse ev­ery two months, and I have tried both iver­mectin and fen­ben­da­zole prod­ucts. I con­tinue to find as­carids in his ma­nure af­ter de­worm­ing, al­though the num­ber has di­min­ished from more than 100 adult worms the first time to 10 to 20. Is it likely that my horse will even­tu­ally out­grow this par­a­site? Am I do­ing the right thing to con­tinue to de­worm him ev­ery two months un­til there are no longer worms in his ma­nure, and then start him on rou­tine fe­cal tests? Cathy John­son Roy, Wash­ing­ton

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