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Man­ag­ing your graz­ing spa­ces can be a tricky bal­anc­ing act in spring. Cer­tain horses may need to be kept off lush grass for fear of lamini­tis , while oth­ers can take full ad­van­tage of the graz­ing op­tions. What’s more, some prop­er­ties aren’t large enough to sup­port con­stant graz­ing with­out stress­ing the pas­ture grasses. A good so­lu­tion for th­ese prob­lems is elec­tric fenc­ing ---wires, tapes or braids---that you can move as needed.

If you need to keep a horse off of new-growth pas­ture, fence off a “sac­ri­fice” area and al­low other horses to graze it down. When the pas­ture is no longer lush, place the at-risk horse in

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