Fly frus­tra­tion.

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From stomp­ing feet and swish­ing tails to run­ning, kick­ing out, and los­ing fo­cus un­der sad­dle, noth­ing ru­ins your ride or your horse’s abil­ity to re­lax like the in­ces­sant tor­ment of in­sects— with even worse po­ten­tial con­se­quences should those pests carry dis­ease. For­tu­nately, Ul­traShield gives you proven pro­tec­tion that’s pow­er­ful am­mu­ni­tion in the bat­tle against ticks, flies, and other in­sects. The Ul­traShield line of prod­ucts has you cov­ered with op­tions for fight­ing fly frus­tra­tion de­pend­ing on weather, in­sect in­ten­sity, and your horse’s ac­tiv­ity level.

Horse own­ers have trusted the con­sis­tent per­for­mance of Ul­traShield fly con­trol for decades. That in­cludes Ul­traShield EX in the fa­mous black bot­tle, proven to kill and re­pel biting and nui­sance flies, mos­qui­toes, ticks, and gnats— all in a weath­er­proof for­mula ver­sa­tile enough to be used on horses, dogs, and as a premise spray. Be­yond Ul­traShield EX, eco-safe Ul­traShield Green re­pels and con­trols biting flies, mos­qui­toes, gnats, and ticks, us­ing seven es­sen­tial oils known for their re­pel­lent qual­i­ties. Ul­traShield Red con­tains a com­bi­na­tion of five ac­tive in­gre­di­ents for ef­fec­tive 24/7 fly and mos­quito pro­tec­tion. And Ul­traShield Sport is a great choice for sweat-re­sis­tant pro­tec­tion in hot, hu­mid con­di­tions.

We also of­fer the newly re­designed Ul­traShield Fly Mask, which uses high-tech per­for­mance fab­rics to not only keep your horse pro­tected, but also cool, dry, and com­fort­able. It all helps give your horse some peace, and you peace of mind. Of course, Ul­traShield is just one of many Ab­sor­bine brands that horse own­ers like you have come to trust. So when you’re look­ing for ex­cep­tional horse care prod­ucts, look for the yel­low rib­bon.

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