EQUUS - - Eiv Equine Influenza Virus -

Cur­rently, three gen­eral types of in­fluenza vac­cine are avail­able: Given as an in­tra­mus­cu­lar in­jec­tion. Ad­min­is­tered in­tranasally. Given as an in­tra­mus­cu­lar in­jec­tion.

be­cause it mim­ics a wild-type in­fec­tion, so all as­pects of the im­mune sys­tem are stim­u­lated,” says Craig. “Its pri­mary site of ac­tion is in the up­per res­pi­ra­tory tract where the virus gains en­try, stop­ping the dis­ease where it starts its in­fec­tious process. This vac­cine would be rec­om­mended for horses with greater ex­po­sure, such as board­ing sta­bles, race­tracks, per­for­mance horses or those trav­el­ing fre­quently.”

• Re­com­bi­nant (ca­nary pox vec­tor), given as an in­tra­mus­cu­lar in­jec­tion. These vac­cines splice to­gether (“re­com­bine”) por­tions of DNA from the EIV into the DNA of a harm­less ca­nary pox vec­tor. “Re­com­bi­nant vac­cines al­low for the safety pro­file of a killed vac­cine while elic­it­ing the same im­mune re­sponse of a mod­i­fied live vac­cine as it stim­u­lates both the hu­moral and

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