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� Prod­uct: Gard­ner’s Hol­low Leg Jr. � De­scrip­tion: Orig­i­nally de­signed for gar­den­ers, this sturdy bag can make barn chores eas­ier by keep­ing groom­ing tools, braid­ing sup­plies, de­worm­ing tubes and other items clean and close at hand. The bag’s six-inch-di­am­e­ter rim al­lows easy ac­cess, and an at­tached belt can be snapped around your waist. Made of wa­ter­re­sis­tant polyester from re­cy­cled wa­ter bot­tles, the bag is 12 inches deep and holds about a gal­lon. The belt ex­tends from 25 to 52 inches. A five-gal­lon bag is also avail­able, mea­sur­ing nine inches in di­am­e­ter and 21 inches deep. � Price: sug­gested re­tail, $19.99 for the one-gal­lon bag; $24.99 for the five­g­al­lon bag � Source: The Gar­dener’s Hol­low Leg; www.the­gar­den­er­shol­low­

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