EQUUS - - Eq Hands On -

• You find your horse with an ob­ject pro­trud­ing from any wound.

• You wit­ness your horse im­pal­ing him­self on an ob­ject, even if he pulls him­self free.

• You dis­cover a re­cent small wound and you can’t see all the way to the bottom of it.

• You find an area of heat and soft swelling on your horse’s body, and on closer ex­am­i­na­tion, you no­tice what ap­pears to be a small, healed wound.

• Your horse turns up lame, and you find ev­i­dence of a re­cently healed wound on his leg.

• You find any pen­e­trat­ing in­jury un­der his hoof, no mat­ter how small.

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