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Do not try to force wa­ter into your horse’s mouth. If your horse is too “dull” to drink, shoot­ing wa­ter into his mouth with a hose, sy­ringe or other de­vice may cause some of the liq­uid to be drawn into his lungs—this may lead to as­pi­ra­tion pneu­mo­nia.

Do not ad­min­is­ter elec­trolyte pastes. A horse who is de­hy­drated and over­heat­ing is al­ready ex­pe­ri­enc­ing meta­bolic stress, and forc­ing him to swal­low elec­trolytes may stress his sys­tem even more.

Do not give your horse any med­i­ca­tions. De­hy­dra­tion taxes a horse’s kid­neys, and adding med­i­ca­tions to his sys­tem can cause fur­ther dam­age.

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