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If a horse has any worry about the wa­ter stream, I di­rect it away from him. Here you can see from Geo’s body pos­ture that he is ready for any­thing. In this sit­u­a­tion, it’s im­por­tant that he has room to move and that he has a high re­gard for my per­sonal space. A horse can quickly fig­ure out that if he runs you over, the hose stops spray­ing. So make sure to es­tab­lish bound­aries be­fore you start these ex­er­cises. Even if your horse has al­ready learned to re­spect your space, be sen­si­ble about pro­tect­ing your­self: A front foot can strike out in a sec­ond if a horse feels trapped. Remember that you con­trol how much pres­sure the horse is feel­ing. So take your time, read the be­hav­ior by ob­serv­ing your horse’s pos­ture and be ready to di­rect the wa­ter away from him.

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